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Cleveland Browns

Malcolm Johnson is a perfect fit for the Cleveland sports market. A blue-collar football player from humble beginnings, Malcolm received no accolades despite a senior season at Mississippi State in which he was a starter and team captain. The hybrid tight end/fullback was drafted in the 6th round, 195th overall, by the Cleveland Browns in the 2015 draft.

The Browns cited his immense drive to succeed and his perseverance in the face of adversity. In college he was versatile, a standout tight end who sacrificed for the team by also playing fullback, H back, slot receiver and even special teams. “Anything for the team” was his motto in the highly competitive Southeastern Conference

Overall, Malcolm played in 45 collegiate games with 23 starts and had 79 receptions for 1,148 yards with 10 touchdowns. Malcolm showed his drive and fearless nature by putting together an impressive Pro Day and getting drafted by the Browns, as he became one of only 40 players drafted who were not invited to the NFL Draft Combine.

Watch for Malcolm to once again overcome the odds and make an immediate impact this season as a rookie with the Browns, on and off the field.

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Malcolm is willing – and able – to assist the Browns in any way that he can, and he will be just as driven and effective in marketing your company or cause.

Malcolm had a solid upbringing, with his father being a retired nurse and his mother an occupational therapist. Malcolm’s mother is a breast cancer survivor and he learned perseverance at a young age by watching her battle with cancer. The lessons he endured are still instilled in him today.

Malcolm’s parents always stressed the value of education over sports. Malcolm graduated Mississippi State with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is currently 9 credits shy of achieving his Master’s degree in Workforce Development. Malcolm has always felt blessed with his athletic success and always strived to do more to give back to the local community that helped raise him.

In college, Malcolm developed a charitable program, My Brother’s Keeper, to which he donates SAT study materials for underprivileged high school students in his community. When Malcolm worked part-time jobs to help support himself, he would always donate a portion of his salary to fuel his charitable endeavors.

Additionally, Malcolm would seek assistance from local businesses to help him with his mission. As an NFL player, Malcolm will build on his charitable pursuits as he seeks ways to serve his new community in Cleveland.

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Malcolm would be an ideal brand ambassador for your company or cause. He has a range of interests that include technology, business, real estate, cooking, movies, cars, music and fitness.

Malcolm is an eloquent speaker and will evolve into a leader in the community; he takes his responsibility as a role model for local youth very seriously. He is a leader who is passionate about his interests, his charitable foundation and the positive impact he can have as a professional athlete.

Malcolm is about to embark on his professional NFL career, and this is the perfect time to begin to work with him as his popularity rises in tandem with his effectiveness on the field for the Cleveland Browns.





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